Hastings Old Town Facebook Group blocks people for heartless comments over refugees – Hastings Observer


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The groups admin announced they were ‘furious’ in a post they released.
The statement, published on Thursday, read: “It is a rare thing that our admin team gets angry. We are angry today. In fact we are furious.
“As those who follow the group will know, a post was made this morning giving information about the evening vigil for the 27 people who lost their lives in the Channel. This was not a post about migrants claiming asylum. This was not a post about immigrants, illegal or otherwise. This was a post announcing a vigil to honour 27 people who drowned in an accident that need never have happened. Twenty-seven human beings who are now dead, including a small girl.
“What part of being humane does it take to show sympathy for this? We chose to leave comments open as we truly thought people would at least be humane under these circumstances. Clearly we were wrong about some of you. I am personally ashamed to call some of you my fellow human beings.
“We have blocked and muted several members for their comments. Anyone making racist, persecutory or derogatory comments about immigrants, in this group, will be removed and blocked.”
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