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'It is healing:' Fargo woman reads books to Facebook audience daily – INFORUM

FARGO — Every day at 2 p.m., Fargo resident Amanda Grant stops everything to read children's books. Her Facebook audience settles in to listen.
Some viewers are grandparents who are babysitting. Others, like Fargo native Erin Baertsch, scroll through Facebook daily to find the book read and the wave from Grant.
"I said (to Grant) that I feel like, 'by you showing up every day, no matter what is going on, and even when it's really hard, that you're are giving us permission to show up, and be real, and truthful, and just authentic,'" Baertsch said.
Grant began doing this at the start of the pandemic, and she has kept it going ever since.
Grant works in sales as her primary work, so she reads from everywhere she happens to be while working, and her employer has given their blessing to it.
"When I am traveling for work, I just use the dash of my car and read from there," Grant said.
For her, the readings have become therapeutic.
"Quite honestly, I know that it brings joy to others, but it really does bring joy to me, especially on the hard days," Grant said.
In the last few months she has lost pets and family — her sister, Kirstin.
"She was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Nordic queen," Grant said of her sister.
Grant still read to her audience the day of the funeral. Reading to others has become that meaningful.
She has such a following on Facebook Live, people are now dropping off and sending her children's books to keep the videos coming.
"Spreading joy is always a good thing," Grant said.
With a good supply of books, Grant is looking forward to a long winter of reading ahead.
"It's not only the difference to others, but it truly has made a difference to me. I look forward to two o'clock," Grant said.
Visit Amanda Grant's Facebook page to see more of her story videos.


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